Sunday, September 23, 2012

How Old Are You?

Two! with matching peace sign like in this photo (left). She just learning to do it thats why she is looking with her finger if she is doing it right.

How time flies really fast no? seems yesterday when I gave birth to this little angel and now she is turning 2! (tomorrow-Sept.24) Wow as in wow! celebration? nothing! :P we already had our vacation last September 5-9 at Baguio and that was it. 

Dear Baby Iris,
Happy birthday 'Nak! Parang kelan lang nag 1st birthday ka at bukas 2nd birthday mo na. As always you make mama happy, ang kulit-kulit mo na rin minsan nakaka-ubos ka rin ng pasensya sa sobrang kakulitan mo pero keribels lang ni Mama. Kahit na gaano ka pa ka-kulit love na love ka pa rin ni mama. I pray that you grow up as happy baby, a wise and GODfearing person and with a forgiving heart. Thank you baby for always making mama happy and sorry also for mama's shortcomings. Basta, I am always here for you baby no matter what. Above anything else you are the most important person in my life. Love you baby ko and happy birthday! mwah!
Here is Iris 1st birthday photo...
...she is growing up pretty! :P (oh please allow me to brag LOL)


  1. Belated wishes Iris!! God bless you!!

  2. Happy birthday again, iris! it's okay to brag, shengkay, she is really so beautiful! good luck na lang sa mga manliligaw paglaki, hahaha. so happy to see you again at KID!

  3. belated happy birthday, iris! my, you've grown a lot! hopefully we'll be able to meet you + your mama soon! ^_^

    thanks for joining + welcome back! do join k.i.d. again next time! :)

  4. Wow!! you have turned to two years..Belated bday wishes to you little angel...


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