Saturday, November 3, 2012

Iris First Flight

Hahaha..Yeah, first flight. What I mean this is her first Airplane ride and she was only 23 months old. If I remember it right my first time was I think I was already 24? no I think 27. LOL. This is on our way to Manila for our Baguio vacation with her Ninang and my college friends.
up up and away...seeing clouds..
pasalubong for ninang
going home
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  1. First flight is always a cool experience.

  2. i bet it was fun! i remember mine when I was in 5th year college for an educational tour in Baguio, Manila, and Subic. i was nervous and excited as well. =)

    visiting u from BPC, hope u return the favor

  3. Good for baby Iris coz she got to ride a plane at the early age. She'll get used to plane ride as early as that. Lovely photos of your two...

    BPC hop

  4. aha! ur entry for 307 and 308 are the same. hehe


  5. Yep, kids these days are so lucky to be able to have access to everything modern. Did Iris enjoy it? I bet she did! :)

    Thanks for joining BPC!

  6. By the way sis, you have the same entry for BPC 307 and 308. They should be different. Otherwise, isa lang ang count nito. :( BPC 308 is still open though. You still have time to submit another post.

    Thanks for understanding! :)

  7. I think she had a great joy during this travel....Looking lovely dear..

  8. She is a good traveler. mine too i was 27 when I first flew or plane ride


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