Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!

Yay, It's November 1 and Mama Shengkay decided to join again 366 Blog Photo Challenge and this month host is SAHMs Collection. Do join us!

This photo was taken September just this year. I decided to train Iris to drink her milk and she gamely post after her drink. Good job Anak!

Share this to 366 BPC. By the way, when you completely join this meme at the end of November our host this month will be giving away 5$ Paypal. Great, right? join us now..


  1. yay! good job kido! good to know that u will be joining BPC again sis. =)

    from BPC!

  2. Drinking milk in a cup or glass now? Wow! good job, baby! :)

    Thanks for joining sis! Yes, you are a candidate for that $5 by December 1st! Keep joining! :)

  3. Good thing she's not so picky, i had difficulty training my lil girl to drink in a glass because she prefers bottle. Now she can drink in a glass but not as good as other kids kasi nilalaro muna ang gatas bago inumin,

  4. Good job Iris for drinking your milk :-) It is good for you coz it is delish :-) Dropping by for BPC


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