Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Special Someone-Iris

I've been enojoying motherhood for almost 1year and 4 months now. Still there are moments that I still can't believe that I am raising this cute and adorable baby..indeed I am one lucky woman to have Iris.

I find my serenity when I'm with her. When she call's me ma-ma it's like music in my ears. Totoo pala yun! yung kilig at saya it's different!..I think only our child can do that to us. The sweetest word in my ears is when Iris is calling me "mam-ma"..Love you anak! much!

Anyway, I feel nostalgic today and in the mood to dig old photos and I found the first photo cute. I can't help but smile everytime I saw this photo. If other babies love sucking thier thumb my baby is different. She suck her middle and ring finger but not that long..she was like that for.. if I remember it right 2weeks. She is almost 3months in this photo.
(Click photo for larger view)
 ..and photo below was taken during bonding moments with my college pals which will be featured in my main dahil proud mommy baby is growing beautifully each day..naks! hehehe. Love you very much Anak! mwah!
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Monday, January 9, 2012

My Little Iris, The Xplorer!

Photo below is one of the many kulitan of Iris and my sister Kiana. Kiana loves making fun of her niece. I guess sometimes she think Iris as a her doll toy. Look what she's done with Iris. She give her water container wear her backpack (one of Iris gift during her 1st birthday) and put that..what do you call that braided headband?..Kiana has a couple of that braided headband.

Kiana is a fan of Kathryn Bernardo (photo on the left) she imitates some of her idol fashions thus she buy a couple of braided headband and try it to Iris. Actually she wear this headband going to school!
Iris is 1year and 7days
Iris gamely follow what her Aunt do her. I was smiling seeing them together and Iris looks like Dora with that get up..except that Dora is wearing short while my Iris only wearing an underwear! :))

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