Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Iris with Her Jumbo Alphabet Book

It is such a delightful feeling every time I saw my baby learning new things. I think every mom does feel that way. That is why as early as now I am saving some bucks for our first vacation outside our hometown. I actually post it in my other blog (travel-postcard blog) about our plan vacation.
One of the things that I should consider in our travel is to show Iris educational places at the same time places that will not bore her something like zoo we're she can see those live animals that we only saw at youtube, movies and television. I think she would be glad to see them. Oh well let us see! I just hope she won't be scared seeing them.
..and since this will be her first long long trip I don't want to stress her so I hope we could get a hotel or vacation homes which is near to Zoo or a themepark just like I saw at Orlandoescape site which has had a very good Orlando Hotel Reviews, and not just that they also offer vacation packages which I find really cool and budget friendly.

By the way, I am sharing my baby's cuteness to Kids is Doodle. It is one of my bonding session with Iris when I am at home. She was only 11months in this photo.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Doodle in Iris Hand

Hello everyone! happy Sunday!..I have promise to join Kids in Doodle and KIDs has left 11hours before linky will close. So here I am, joining again..

Photo below taken November last year. I was in our sari sari store and  Iris was also with me. While I was busy fixing some stuff Iris was also busy doodling. She got a ballpen and a paper. She's not contented with the paper she doodle in her hand too. When I try to get the ballpen from her..she cried.  
Linking this post to Kids in Doodle and with her pink top..perfect for Pink Friday and the pajama is qualified to join Wednesday White. Obviously, an entry to Mellow Yellow Monday and Blue Monday! :) what a mess baby..thanks Mommy Stef for inviting me to Messy Go Round..

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Messing up my Stuff

Iris is almost 11months in this photo. During this time she was learning to walk by herself and most of the time she loves to climb to anything she can. Chair. Table. Bed and this one below a plastic organizer. Me and Iris is actually using a sofa bed and this organizer is beside our sofa bed so when she wake up she'll climb in here.
click photo for larger view
..beside this organizer is my postcard box. One morning when I woke up the scene below is what I saw. She mess up my postcards and other stuff. For a moment I get angry and wanted to spank her but I realize I should not. Her age is just curious to anything they saw and that no matter how I say I am sure she'll just ignore me. hehehe..if her happiness is to mess up with my stuff then go ahead anak..nah! just kidding..I love my postcards! now my postcards is keep in a place where she can't reach them. She now has plenty of toys to mess around.