Thursday, June 28, 2012

Iris at Lacawon Island Resort, Cadiz

Hello! Wow!..its been so long since the last time i updated this baby blog. Blame it to HYIP programs that I been hook for the past 2months. Its an online investment program but which is very risky! But I enjoy it very much. and why not? I earn from HYIP,... amount which is bigger than my monthly salary. Isn't it great? sino naman ang hindi mababaliw dun di ba.

Anyway, as usual when I have time to update I always join Jared's Kids in Doodle and Mommy Raya's Wednesday Whites. We're joining again!
I just made a little drama effect (photo above) courtesy of Pizap! Last May we go to Lacawon Island Resort at Cadiz City, a 2hours drive from Bacolod City. It was actually a despidida party for Sir Boyet. I just grab the opportunity to visit this place. I heard a lot of this Lacawon. That it is a pretty cool place. But you know what, aside from its white sand beach and a super clear and clean area yun lang maganda. The facilities and Amenities is poor sa standard ko. Anyways, my little Iris enjoyed the beach despite the scourging sun! that's all that matter to me. Who care's about the amenities if my daughter enjoyed the water.
..and look at her sarap na sarap with the bbq and watching live starfish! center photo-she is actually pointing a fish to me. She keep on babbling fish. Mama fish. Cute! We're waiting for our pump boat when I that took that photo. See the fine white sand? perfect! better than bora!
My 2 lovelies my sister Kiana and of course my rainbow Iris. They both love dagat! look at their skin?.. sunog na.

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