Saturday, September 27, 2014

Best Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercises are a must for most of the would-be-moms during the pregnancy months. According to senior gynecologists, the would-be-mom should follow a minimum 30 minutes work-out regime at least 4-5 days of the week. Exercises at this stage help to keep both the mom & fetus healthy – preventing problems like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. Workout prepares the body for a smooth childbirth, by improving muscle strength & endurance. One can visit to here to find helpful advice on pregnant women and baby care. The post below discusses the best exercise options for the expecting mommas.

It’s one of the best and easiest of exercises for the pregnant mommies. You must walk minimum 30 minutes a day when you are expecting. Walking assures great cardiovascular movement that keeps the lady fit sans jarring ankles and knees. The best bit about walking is that, you won’t need any kid of equipment here & you can carry it any time. Just make sure to slip into good walking shoes.

Most of the doctors advise for swimming and it’s often tagged as the best workout when one is expecting. It’s because swimming involves working on both the big muscle groups like legs & arms; great cardiovascular benefits & a weightless light feel even when you have put on extra pounds for pregnancy.

Yes, light dancing is allowed during pregnancy as it keeps both the mind and body fresh. But don’t opt for twirls, jumps or leaps. You can enjoy the moves at the comfort of your own home or else can take to a dance class as well.

Stretching is really wonderful when one is pregnant. It keeps the body limber, relaxed & also prevents chances of muscle strain. Stretching should be added to your cardiovascular exercises such as walking or swimming or dancing for a comprehensive workout session.

Yoga is another great exercise when you are at the expecting stage. The yoga moves help to maintain the muscle tone & keep the body flexible. Besides, yoga also calms the mind which is equally important when you are pregnant as much as a fit body. But then again, sole yoga moves won’t suffice. It’s better if you can accompany them with swimming or walking. Besides, always make sure to consult a yoga expert before selecting the moves as not all yoga moves would befit a pregnant woman.

A number of things you should remember when it comes to exercise during pregnancy:
  • ·         Always make sure to consult your doctor before embarking on the exercise routine.
  • ·         Avoid contact sports of any kind like volleyball, basketball, football etc. while you are pregnant.
  • ·         Do not follow any exercise that can create even light abdominal trauma such as rapid direction changes or jarring motions.
  • ·         Do not follow any exercise where you would need to lie on the back for over 3 minutes.
  • ·         Never take to waist twists while standing.
  • ·         Do not go for full sit-ups, deep-knee bends, straight-leg toe-touch & double-leg raises.
  • ·         Never exercise in humid, hot weather.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Should I Invest in Property?

image not mine
Should I Invest in Property? Years ago, the quick and simple answer to this question; was “yes”. But now, given the sheer diversity and complexity of investment options in the market, the answer is no longer such a straightforward one. So let’s take a look at property investment in a little more detail.

This is the ultimate objective of any investment as it is a measure of your total profit. Probably the two key factors that determine how much an investment will return are 1) risk and 2) the amount of money (capital) initially invested. Generally speaking, playing the share-market bears the most risk but can also yield the highest returns. Shares in blue chip companies (e.g. major banks, mining companies) are usually a safer bet as well as low-risk or ‘conservative’ managed funds. Property has traditionally been seen as a safe and reliable investment option. In most cases it is, but the following factors need to be kept in mind:

Property Price, Location and Condition

• Is the property reasonably priced? In many areas of the country, property has become over-inflated and may not represent a good investment opportunity, particularly if the real estate bubble bursts. • Where would you buy? Some areas have already peaked (as above) and others are waiting to boom. Just like shares though, it’s all a bit crystal ball and you do have to take a bit of a gamble. One option to consider is master-planned communities. Demand for properties in these communities is consistently high as they represent good value for money through affordable house and land packages (such as those provided by Coral Homes ). • What state is the property in? Will you need to outlay large amounts of capital to renovate and/or repair? Will this result in your over-capitalising and therefore, making a loss rather than a profit?

Length and Type of Investment

• How long do you intend owning the property for? Typically speaking, property is at the very least a medium-term investment, but tend to yields the best returns over the longer-term (10+ years). • Do you intend on living in the property or renting it out? There are pros and cons for each option. This is a really tricky area as it involves tax law (e.g. depreciation, Capital Gains Tax, etc.) and your best source of advice here is an experienced accountant.

Investment Amount

• How much do you have to invest, how much will you borrow and most importantly, how much interest will you pay? If you rent out the property, you may be able to negate some of this through negative-gearing. Once again, best to consult an accountant on this.
Of course the one thing that hasn’t been mentioned here is the non-monetary value we place on our homes. If you’re wanting to invest purely for financial gain, that’s okay; you just need to be shrewd in your decision-making process. However, if you’re looking to put some serious roots down and build a family home, your approach is going to be considerably different. Ultimately, what you need to ask yourself is: what are my ultimate goals here?

Investing in property still remains a solid investment option. Just make sure you’re fully aware of some common pitfalls when buying (or building) and make sure you stand the best chance of maximising your returns, whether as an investor or home-owner.

Monday, August 4, 2014

C is for Cute Childrens

Hello everybody welcome to another round of ABC Wednesday. My entry for this week "C" is this Cutie Children. Iris is in Color Red.

This was taken last July 30 during School activity if Iris. She was one of the muses during parade. One proud mom here :). Philippines celebrated month of July as National Nutrition Month, pursuant to Presidential Decree 49, the Nutrition Act of the Philippines, signed on June 25, 1974. This observance is to raise awareness on hunger and malnutrition.

Have a nice day everyone!

Friday, July 25, 2014

B is for Blue Uniform

Yay! Doing my post before ABC Wednesday closes this week linkys.

Its so obvious whats my entry for this week "B". A lot of Blue! Iris blue checkered uniform. Blue drawer/cabinet in her background. Blue number poster at her back. And who would not mesmerize by her big round eyes? and her bouncy curly hair? Most of the time that is the first thing that people would appreciate about her. Iris is so bubbly too and love to babble, kids are like that I guess. Not to mention many would say she is beautiful (one proud mom here :P), and yeah, as a mom she is the most beautiful baby in my eyes :).

Anyway, this is Iris 4th day of school (in photos) and so far she is very excited each day. She has 2 hour classes from Monday to Friday, 1pm-3pm. But when she wakes up in the morning she would tell me that she will go to school and I would tell her that her class is in the afternoon. On her second day in school, I visited her  (my sister is the one who bring her to school and fetch her after, cause I am working mom) and I observe that she is at ease of her new environment. One of my fear when she will go to school is that she will cry and would not allow her Aunt to leave her in her classroom. But, I was wrong! She is not afraid to be left with people she just met. I haven't observe any anxiety or uneasiness while the class is ongoing. Good job baby! The next day she even told us that she will go to school alone, LOL, because she knows how to get there. Her school is actually less than 150meters away from our home and we just walk going there. That's why she is confident to say that to us. :) As her mom, I can say that she is independent compare to some kids, she is also easy to talk to, like if she want something and I can't afford to buy that stuff, I will just explain to her and she will not insist (oh well, I must admit that sometimes she also has tantrums). I am really grateful to GOD that Iris is my baby, she is easy to deal with, loving and sweet.

Thank you LORD for my baby Iris. She's a blessing to my life. Greatest blessing in my life.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A for Apuhin

Just in time for ABC Wednesday Round 15 kick off, hopefully I'll be able to join till letter Z. If you want to join this meme journey just click on the link below.

My entry for letter "A" is Apuhin. That is our family name. Today, I also enroll (late enroll actually) my daughter Iris. At first, I intend to send her to school next school year because she undergo open heart surgery last May 2014. And I thought she needs more time to recuperate but as I can see it, she's back to her normal hyper self so I decided to let her school. I am grateful because the Day Care Center near our home accepted her. Iris is also excited of the idea that she will go to school. I just talk with the teacher of Iris do's and dont's. Today is her 1st day of school too! Photos shows her requirements and the form I need to filled up. Good luck to my school girl.

My entry to ABC Wednesday. Have a nice day!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

What to Look for When Choosing a Child Care Centre

There is nothing as precious as your own child; that is why it’s vital to choose the best child care centre possible. The best child care centre does not necessarily have to be the newest with all the latest gadgets, but it should be filled with care and be a hygienic place for your little one to eat, sleep, play and learn.

Where there is kids, there is germs

Children love to spread and share their germs. Try as you may to encourage them to keep their hands to themselves, children of all ages (but particularly young children), have a tendency to dribble, put all sorts of items in their mouths before sharing them with friends and use each other’s eating and drinking equipment.

Don’t ever underestimate the speed at which colds, gastro and all manner of other bugs are passed around between children. Before you know it, germs can spread right through a child care centre and you will find it necessary to keep your child home for a couple of days or more.

In child care centres, perhaps more than any other place, cleanliness and good hygiene is critically important. This is something you should look for when scoping your child care options. Owners and managers of quality child care centres engage professional cleaners to keep their centres clean, hygienic and as well presented as possible. A number of professional cleaning companies, such as AMC Brisbane , specialise in child care centre cleaning and their services are well worth the investment.
image not mine

A centre to suit your needs

When looking for a child care centre, it’s vital to consider each in terms of its fit with your needs. Firstly, you need to ensure that a centre can accommodate the days that you require and that its location is ideal. Think carefully about whether you would prefer a centre closer to home or to work and its proximity to public transport if you will need to commute in this way.

You will also need to confirm that the centre’s opening hours suit your needs and that the daily rate charged is within your budget.

Are the children happy and engaged?

Without doubt, one of the most important considerations in choosing a child care centre is that the atmosphere is happy and relaxed. Children should be engaged in play and you will quickly feel that a centre is a good one if you and your child are made to feel welcome.

In a good centre, staff members will be genuinely interested in your child and make an effort to find out what they enjoy.


While children (and so many of them in the one place) will almost certainly make a mess, there should be a sense that the centre is organised. In particular, reception areas should be clean and tidy and the rooms of the various groups of children should also be well organised.

A safe and secure place:

Good child care centres are safe and secure. Parents and visitors should be required to sign in and the staff of the centre should be easy to identify, by the wearing of uniforms and/or name badges.

Procedures should be in place for the documentation of any accidents and you should be told how you will be informed if your child has accident or becomes unwell.

A sun protection policy should be in place and enforced and children should wear hats and sunscreen when they are outside.


Communication is vital when you entrust your precious child to the care of a child care centre. As well as being given a copy of relevant operating policies and procedures, there should be clear lines of communication so that you are kept informed of how your child is doing and any concerns are shared.

Feedback about your child’s progress and their day in general is critically important. You will want to know about the activities they prefer, how well they are eating and other children that they have befriended.

Choosing a child care centre is an important decision and it pays to take the time to consider all aspects of the centre and determine that it is the right place for your child and your needs.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

W is for Wheelchair

I can not remember the last time I join ABC Wednesday I think that was 2012 in my other blog which is not searchable now in world wide web. So, from now on ABC Wednesday meme home will be my baby's blog. I miss joining meme's too! and I hope this is the beginning that I'll be active again.

So, I'll be starting with "W" and our first entry for ABC Wednesday is Wheelchair. A lot of "W" can be found on this photo actually. White Board, White Bond paper for name tag in Wards room. Since this is hospital you can see White paint. White blanket and White pillow at the back of us. You can also see White basin inside that pink eco bag. Have you seen other things in our photo with "W"?
Iris and grandama (left) me and Iris (right)
This photo is my very first entry in #100happydays in my instagram account. This was taken on date indicated above during hospital discharge of Iris at Philippine Heart Center.  This is one of the happiest day in my life cause finally Iris is done with her Heart Surgery. The end of my #ProjectIrisHeartSurgery. I am so thankful  with Father God of this day.

My entry to ABC Wednesday. Have a nice day everyone!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5 Hidden Hot Costs Of Renovating

There’s never been a better time to renovate your home. Asides from adding to the material value of your property, home renovation provides an enjoyable, ultimately rewarding experience. But be warned, the process of renovating is full of hidden costs that can potentially spiral out of control for the novice interior designer. Before you start brainstorming home renovation ideas read this handy guide and discover the hidden hot costs of renovating. Prepare today so you don’t stress tomorrow.
image not mine

Additional Labour

Sometimes you can’t do it all yourself. Additional labour might be required for certain projects and if you’re not careful it can become quite expensive. Be conservative when deciding what projects you can undertake yourself and what projects will require professional help. You don’t want to find out you need a plumber by accidentally hitting a pipe when you’re knocking down a wall! Call the necessary tradesmen to complete an assessment of your home before deciding on who is to undertake each project. If deciding between your local tradesman, and a specialty home renovating tradesman, always opt specialty services tradesmen like Hall and Baum. You can check out their website at: .


Research is your friend here. When formulating a renovation plan it’s important to be conservative in your estimates. Weather, accidents and additional factors out of your control can significantly increase the amount of time required for individual portions of your project. If you’re a beginner, consider consulting a professional tradesperson, to receive an accurate estimate as to how long individual portions of the project will take. Something as simple making a few calls and weighing your options, can save you time and stress.


Again this boils down to research. The canny home renovator might know exactly what they’re getting themselves into and what materials are required, but if you’re new to interior design you might consider doing a little bit of a study or consulting a professional. This will save you some serious money down the track. Materials can be expensive, and if you don’t pay attention costs can spiral out of control quickly.


Set a realistic budget and only take on what you can realistically do. Once you have setup your budget however, it’s important to make sure you adhere to it. If you don’t stick to you home renovation budget you can end up spending a lot of money that you might not necessarily have, and minimise the chances of making a lucrative return when you’ve finally finished the project.


This is one of the major pitfalls of taking a DIY approach, particularly if you don’t fully understand what you’re getting yourself into. Make sure you pay attention and understand the constraints of each particular element of your job. And if you’re doing a particularly complicated element consider calling in an experienced, professional tradesman. Be conservative and realistic in your planning and you’ll avoid heartache and save yourself time and money in the long term. Has this advice been useful? Are there any other tips and tricks you would consider using when planning your own home renovation? Be sure to leave advice in the comments below.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Why You Should Learn To Weld

image not mine

Have you ever wanted to learn an extra skill that could entertain you, teach you new skills, be useful at home and possibly even increase your value as a worker? Learning to weld could offer you all of the above and much more. Whether you are simply looking for a new hobby or really looking to acquire a new skill, welding is a great and rewarding challenge. But what exactly are the benefits to welding? We’ll take a look and show you there’s a little more to it than you may have first thought and ask you, what sort of welder will you be?

The Home Handyman

Everyone likes to fix or create things around their home. Learning to weld extends the range of projects that you are capable of starting more than you may have first thought. Welding isn’t just limited to working on cars and out door fixtures, but it’s a great start. Whether you need to fix up your sons new go-kart or repair the leg of that BBQ, having the skills to be able to weld these yourself can save you time, money and make you incredibly popular with family and friends. Take a look around your house at those things that maybe need a little more love and attention, is it something that you could do if you had a welder and could do it yourself? Once you’ve started you’ll soon realize that having a welder to fix things soon starts to feel as easy as picking up a hammer and nail.

The Inventor

image not mine
Once you’ve started to repair things around the home and you’ve found your groove, you’ll start to wonder,
what can I do next? Looking around your tool shed or workspace you’ll find there are many opportunities before you to create your own inventive methods to make day-to-day life that little bit easier. Perhaps you can weld together some simple brackets and drill them to the wall to hang your tools or equipment? Create that rustic looking bar you’ve always wanted to build down stairs? Once the skills are in your hands the ideas will start to flow and before you know it you’ll be creating new inventions to add character to your home.

The Creator

Many people often take up welding as a means of aiding their creative projects. Welding and artistic endeavors aren’t always the first two things you think would go together, but it’s surprising how much they do. By welding some simple scrap metal together you can create interesting and unique artistic creations that add character and charm to your own backyard. However quite often professional installation or sculpture artists will create large scale artworks that involve significant time and effort to weld together their work.
So what sort of welder will you be? What are your interests and what exactly are you going to need? Take the time to read up on reliable sources for tools and information, websites such as have a great range of tools and information that will give you a strong grasp on what you’ll need when you start out and why welding might be for you. It’s interesting when you take the time to sit back and think about how many things in your home or everyday life that had to be welded to be created, it’s often far more than you think. So the next time you think about taking up one of the normal hobbies that all your mates do, have a think, is welding for me instead?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

5 Style Tips To Entice People Into Your Restaurant

Excellent food and service is just one factor of many involved in getting people into your restaurant. Believe it or not, simply styling your restaurant properly will allow your establishment to be seen more favourably, and ultimately get more people through the door. Here are five different ways you can jazz up your restaurant to keep the customers rolling in.
image not mine

Use Interesting Displays

Displays are the key to any business, and restaurants are no different. These displays can be at work in the window of your restaurant through the medium of posters or even examples of the meals you have to offer. You can also have displays outside your restaurant as well – something as simple as a chalkboard with a funny drawing and a list of that day’s special will be enough to get customers off the street and into seats!

Have a Vibrant Storefront

Nothing attracts people’s attention more than bright colours, especially amongst a sea of beige and black. A storefront that is styled correctly also allows people to gauge the atmosphere of your restaurant without even stepping foot into it. Standing out from the pack will have you miles ahead of any other establishment, so make sure you put your own unique twist on it as well.

Colour Coordination

In addition to having a peppy storefront, you can also work out a colour scheme that works for your restaurant and stick to it. This will create a consistency throughout the restaurant that is pleasing to the eye and will make your patrons feel happy and relaxed while they are dining.


This may seem insignificant, but it truly does make a difference. Consider the demographic of your customers, and go from there. Hard flooring is best for areas with high traffic (it’s easier to clean!), but if you’re looking for a little more class, then carpet will do the trick. Again, make sure that the floor matches your colour scheme, or else it will look a little out of place.


Smell is one of those factors that isn’t really considered in any detail when it comes to styling a store or a restaurant, but it does make a difference. Invest in a fragrance that isn’t too sharp, and make sure it compliments the food you are serving and the atmosphere you are trying to create. You might not smell the difference at first, but it will make for a more inviting environment for both staff and customers.
These are just five little tips on how to change the styling of your restaurant – remember a little does go a long way! If you would like some more in-depth advice, or you would like a professional opinion on your restaurant, specialists in shopfitting like TU Projects can give you some more information about styling your restaurant to your particular needs.
We all go to restaurants, whether it be for a formal or casual occasion, so have you seen something in a restaurant recently that you think would make for a great style tip? Leave a comment below and let everyone know!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Visit to Heart Center

So, we visit Phil Heart Center again for Iris check up and at the same time to ask for her Surgery Schedule. I have mention in my previous post that PHC called us that our Phil. Health Z benefit package is approve, which mean anytime soon Iris will undergo heart surgery.

It was a long travel for us to reach Heart Center at Quezon City, we came all the way from San Pedro Laguna. Travel time is almost 2 hours. I am just lucky that Iris has no issue travelling.

When we arrive at PHC we directly visit Pedia-Cardio office (to) Miss Rica and our papers was given to us and instructed to go to OPD for Iris check up. You might wonder why OPD? I'll make another post for it. :) ...and the bad news is, there is no available doctor that day in the OPD cause the doctors has convention and will be back in OPD on Thursday, huh! hows that? I had no choice, I am kinda sad but its okay.

So before we go home we take some photo.
1- that is the Phil. Heart Center.
2- Since we arrive lunch time, we eat at 1475 cafeteria/coop of PHC. Drink you see is actually a cold Pandan Juice. Iris don't like the taste so ako na yung umubos ng 2 glass.
3- I think that is PHC symbol, you can see that when you enter PHC, not th Hospital Building but the main building.
4- We we're in 3rd floor of the Hospital building. In the lobby you can see a tarp (Iris background) that shows all the festivals of the Philippines per month.
5- Kakulitan lang ni Iris.

That's it! Have a nice day everyone!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Photo a Day before #ProjectIrisHeartSurgery

Today is the day. We’re now at San Pedro, Laguna, and Thank you LORD for keeping us safe in our travel.

So, we will be in Manila until we’re done with Iris Heart Surgery, I ’m actually on leave in my work April 7 to May 7, I hope that within that period of time we’re done with everything. We will go to PHC tomorrow and I don’t have idea yet of our itinerary there.

What’s with the Project Photo a Day?  Every day while we’re waiting for Iris Surgery day I’ll take a photo of her activity and post it here in her blog. To start it off, here she is while we’re waiting for our flight.
The tablet keeps her busy. I think kids nowadays are like that mahilig sa gadget. Wherever we go we always bring the tablet so that when she’s bored she can play with her tab.

Have a nice day everyone!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Project Iris Heart Surgery + Selfie

This is it! Philippine Heart Center finally called us last March 28 that our Phil health Z package benefit is approved. Iris supposedly be check again the next day but was not able to do so because we’re at Bacolod. I just called back the doctor that will be in Manila 2nd week of April. After I talked with the doctor I book online for our flight, as expected ticket is expensive! But I have no choice, it’s now or never.

So, tomorrow I and Iris is at Manila, to be exact in Laguna actually. We will stay in my friend’s house (as always), what’s next I don’t know; for sure Iris will be check again if still fit to undergo surgery. I just pray Iris will be away from cough and runny nose so that we will be given a pulmo clearance which is very vital before her surgery.

..and of course post will be incomplete without showing Iris photos. #selfie is an ordinary word nowadays and almost everyone is doing it – my daughter  version of selfie. Hahaha. She can’t picture herself perfectly, either it’s only her eyes, her nose, her half face that will be pictured, oh well practice makes perfect. Better luck next time baby.
 Have a nice day everyone!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

She is Beautiful, Isn't it?

Saturday is bonding time for me and my daughter. I would bring her in my office every Saturday and after office we date. We go malling, We go to park. We eat ice cream. Anything.
This particular photo was taken last Saturday March, 29 (2014) in my office, and it is not complete without photo session. lol. And as usual I am just her photographer.
...and her Outfit of the Day #OOTD
Top:             50.00php (from ukay)
leggings:       100.00php (we bought this at factory over run somewhere in South Station)
fashion rubber band: 12.00php (pair)
shoes:          499.75 (we bought this (1k+) at 50% discount last Feb. during midnight sale at SM Bacolod)
shades:        mine sponsored by Firmoo
Cost of her #OOTD 661.75php

So how's my daughter's look? :P

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thrifty Little Fashionista

Kids nowadays are far different in my time, in OUR time actually :P . Kikay is out of  our lingo. No cellphone, no Ipad, no Tablet (the only tablet I know is a medicine-LOL) and most of all no social media. And oh, diary or journal I know is only keep under the pillow, or in the aparador but now? hello blogoshere.
Anyway, just like any blogger mom, I am one proud mama to my daughter! When I was Iris age I don't have idea on photo blah blah, not to mention that during that time digicam was not yet invented I guess. We use camera with film! LOL. But kids today as early as 1year old they know selfie selfie stuff already.
Of course, my daughter hindi yan pahuhuli if its about picture taking. She would always ask me to take her a picture and she'll say she's a model and that she is pretty and sexy. All the photo above are all her idea. I am just a photographer. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't usually dress her like that. Most of the time she will just wear shirt, leggings and a flip flop footwear. Her skirt is a bet short actually (she has this when she is only 2years old) so I just bought her a knee sock to match with her top and to make use of her old skirt. Her shoes was a gift from my sister last December.

..and the catch:
Skirt--50.00php (from UK as in Ukay finds)
Sock--50.00php (bought during sale at SM)
Hair fashion rubber band 12.00php (pair)
Cost of her kikay outfit 177.00php

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Orange Tuesdays Will Be Back

Posted originally in my Shengkay's Randomnest Journal dated May 5, 2012. Which has a domain but was not able to renew it last 2013. I lost it and back to my blogspot domain

I plan to revive this meme and transfer it here in my baby blog. Hope you join me here again.

Orange Tuesdays Rest

Hello everyone! First I wanna say thank you to my OT participant especially those who never gets tired of showing thier oranges stuff every Tuesdays. As always seeing you in my bog makes my heart glad and happy. Also wanna say sorry because for the past 6 edition I never visited your entry. Yeah! shame on me...and because of that, OT for the meantime will take a rest and will be back after I finish visiting all entries.
image not mine
Again from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! hope to see when OT is up again.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No Boyfriend Please

Iris is growing up beautiful (pasensya nanay ako LOL) and talkative as well. We had this conversation last Sunday March 23 (2014) when we are about to sleep. Don't know if I am going to smile or be sad. LOL.

Taken March 23, 2014
Out of the blue I ask this to Iris.
Me: nak, ok lang ma-nobyo si mama? (Baby, is it okay if Mama will have a boyfriend?) 
Iris: indi. (no) 
Me: ngaa haw, love man ka dyapon ni mama miske ma-nobyo si mama. (why?, Mama still love you even if I had a boyfriend) 
Iris: ti, inde ko na na namian ya. (No, I don't like it.)
...she say it with conviction pa talaga. LOL.