Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thrifty Little Fashionista

Kids nowadays are far different in my time, in OUR time actually :P . Kikay is out of  our lingo. No cellphone, no Ipad, no Tablet (the only tablet I know is a medicine-LOL) and most of all no social media. And oh, diary or journal I know is only keep under the pillow, or in the aparador but now? hello blogoshere.
Anyway, just like any blogger mom, I am one proud mama to my daughter! When I was Iris age I don't have idea on photo blah blah, not to mention that during that time digicam was not yet invented I guess. We use camera with film! LOL. But kids today as early as 1year old they know selfie selfie stuff already.
Of course, my daughter hindi yan pahuhuli if its about picture taking. She would always ask me to take her a picture and she'll say she's a model and that she is pretty and sexy. All the photo above are all her idea. I am just a photographer. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't usually dress her like that. Most of the time she will just wear shirt, leggings and a flip flop footwear. Her skirt is a bet short actually (she has this when she is only 2years old) so I just bought her a knee sock to match with her top and to make use of her old skirt. Her shoes was a gift from my sister last December.

..and the catch:
Skirt--50.00php (from UK as in Ukay finds)
Sock--50.00php (bought during sale at SM)
Hair fashion rubber band 12.00php (pair)
Cost of her kikay outfit 177.00php

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Orange Tuesdays Will Be Back

Posted originally in my Shengkay's Randomnest Journal dated May 5, 2012. Which has a domain but was not able to renew it last 2013. I lost it and back to my blogspot domain

I plan to revive this meme and transfer it here in my baby blog. Hope you join me here again.

Orange Tuesdays Rest

Hello everyone! First I wanna say thank you to my OT participant especially those who never gets tired of showing thier oranges stuff every Tuesdays. As always seeing you in my bog makes my heart glad and happy. Also wanna say sorry because for the past 6 edition I never visited your entry. Yeah! shame on me...and because of that, OT for the meantime will take a rest and will be back after I finish visiting all entries.
image not mine
Again from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! hope to see when OT is up again.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No Boyfriend Please

Iris is growing up beautiful (pasensya nanay ako LOL) and talkative as well. We had this conversation last Sunday March 23 (2014) when we are about to sleep. Don't know if I am going to smile or be sad. LOL.

Taken March 23, 2014
Out of the blue I ask this to Iris.
Me: nak, ok lang ma-nobyo si mama? (Baby, is it okay if Mama will have a boyfriend?) 
Iris: indi. (no) 
Me: ngaa haw, love man ka dyapon ni mama miske ma-nobyo si mama. (why?, Mama still love you even if I had a boyfriend) 
Iris: ti, inde ko na na namian ya. (No, I don't like it.)
...she say it with conviction pa talaga. LOL.