Wednesday, March 26, 2014

No Boyfriend Please

Iris is growing up beautiful (pasensya nanay ako LOL) and talkative as well. We had this conversation last Sunday March 23 (2014) when we are about to sleep. Don't know if I am going to smile or be sad. LOL.

Taken March 23, 2014
Out of the blue I ask this to Iris.
Me: nak, ok lang ma-nobyo si mama? (Baby, is it okay if Mama will have a boyfriend?) 
Iris: indi. (no) 
Me: ngaa haw, love man ka dyapon ni mama miske ma-nobyo si mama. (why?, Mama still love you even if I had a boyfriend) 
Iris: ti, inde ko na na namian ya. (No, I don't like it.)
...she say it with conviction pa talaga. LOL.


  1. oh, she's so cute, and so lovely :) don't ask na lang, am sure if the guy will shower her with love, manami-an man na sya na may papa sya, haha.

  2. Tell her you'll give her the same answer when SHE asks if she can have a boyfriend...
    just kidding.

  3. Tell her you'll give her the same answer when she grows up

    just kidding

  4. she is growing so wonderfully, i'm sure when time comes and she'll know that it's time for mommy to be happier too.

  5. You'll probably get the same answer from another child if asked the same thing about mommy or daddy. Its better to just let it come naturally as children usually reciprocate with love when shown love.

  6. Oh Sheng, you have every right to brag about Iris, look at her she's beautiful like you!

  7. ayay, with conviction indeed! I hope she'll change her mind...:) she's growing up so fast...and prettier too!

  8. Awww Iris is growing up beautifully :-) She does not want Mommy to share her love with somebody :-) As she gets older, Iris will understand :-)

  9. Haha. Funny how children react to situations like this. Let the child get to know the "boyfriend" first before you pop in the question.

  10. It is unbelievable that kids nowadays have so much awareness of what is going on around them.I would suggest that you, your boyfriend and your daughter spend sometime together. Try and see how they interact with each other. After all, it is the welfare of our children that should be our top priority. Just my two cents. :)

  11. Iris is very pretty just like you Ate Sheng! :) I love her hair. Hehehe

    I remember, ganyan din si Bimby kay Kris Aquino dati. Ayaw nya mag boyfriend mommy nyo pero ngayon, ok na sya as long as love lang daw ng guy si mommy nya! :)

  12. What a conversation! Your daughter truly loves you and doesn't want others to be with you but I know she'll understand soon.. :D


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