Monday, April 7, 2014

Visit to Heart Center

So, we visit Phil Heart Center again for Iris check up and at the same time to ask for her Surgery Schedule. I have mention in my previous post that PHC called us that our Phil. Health Z benefit package is approve, which mean anytime soon Iris will undergo heart surgery.

It was a long travel for us to reach Heart Center at Quezon City, we came all the way from San Pedro Laguna. Travel time is almost 2 hours. I am just lucky that Iris has no issue travelling.

When we arrive at PHC we directly visit Pedia-Cardio office (to) Miss Rica and our papers was given to us and instructed to go to OPD for Iris check up. You might wonder why OPD? I'll make another post for it. :) ...and the bad news is, there is no available doctor that day in the OPD cause the doctors has convention and will be back in OPD on Thursday, huh! hows that? I had no choice, I am kinda sad but its okay.

So before we go home we take some photo.
1- that is the Phil. Heart Center.
2- Since we arrive lunch time, we eat at 1475 cafeteria/coop of PHC. Drink you see is actually a cold Pandan Juice. Iris don't like the taste so ako na yung umubos ng 2 glass.
3- I think that is PHC symbol, you can see that when you enter PHC, not th Hospital Building but the main building.
4- We we're in 3rd floor of the Hospital building. In the lobby you can see a tarp (Iris background) that shows all the festivals of the Philippines per month.
5- Kakulitan lang ni Iris.

That's it! Have a nice day everyone!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Photo a Day before #ProjectIrisHeartSurgery

Today is the day. We’re now at San Pedro, Laguna, and Thank you LORD for keeping us safe in our travel.

So, we will be in Manila until we’re done with Iris Heart Surgery, I ’m actually on leave in my work April 7 to May 7, I hope that within that period of time we’re done with everything. We will go to PHC tomorrow and I don’t have idea yet of our itinerary there.

What’s with the Project Photo a Day?  Every day while we’re waiting for Iris Surgery day I’ll take a photo of her activity and post it here in her blog. To start it off, here she is while we’re waiting for our flight.
The tablet keeps her busy. I think kids nowadays are like that mahilig sa gadget. Wherever we go we always bring the tablet so that when she’s bored she can play with her tab.

Have a nice day everyone!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Project Iris Heart Surgery + Selfie

This is it! Philippine Heart Center finally called us last March 28 that our Phil health Z package benefit is approved. Iris supposedly be check again the next day but was not able to do so because we’re at Bacolod. I just called back the doctor that will be in Manila 2nd week of April. After I talked with the doctor I book online for our flight, as expected ticket is expensive! But I have no choice, it’s now or never.

So, tomorrow I and Iris is at Manila, to be exact in Laguna actually. We will stay in my friend’s house (as always), what’s next I don’t know; for sure Iris will be check again if still fit to undergo surgery. I just pray Iris will be away from cough and runny nose so that we will be given a pulmo clearance which is very vital before her surgery.

..and of course post will be incomplete without showing Iris photos. #selfie is an ordinary word nowadays and almost everyone is doing it – my daughter  version of selfie. Hahaha. She can’t picture herself perfectly, either it’s only her eyes, her nose, her half face that will be pictured, oh well practice makes perfect. Better luck next time baby.
 Have a nice day everyone!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

She is Beautiful, Isn't it?

Saturday is bonding time for me and my daughter. I would bring her in my office every Saturday and after office we date. We go malling, We go to park. We eat ice cream. Anything.
This particular photo was taken last Saturday March, 29 (2014) in my office, and it is not complete without photo session. lol. And as usual I am just her photographer.
...and her Outfit of the Day #OOTD
Top:             50.00php (from ukay)
leggings:       100.00php (we bought this at factory over run somewhere in South Station)
fashion rubber band: 12.00php (pair)
shoes:          499.75 (we bought this (1k+) at 50% discount last Feb. during midnight sale at SM Bacolod)
shades:        mine sponsored by Firmoo
Cost of her #OOTD 661.75php

So how's my daughter's look? :P