Saturday, April 5, 2014

Project Iris Heart Surgery + Selfie

This is it! Philippine Heart Center finally called us last March 28 that our Phil health Z package benefit is approved. Iris supposedly be check again the next day but was not able to do so because we’re at Bacolod. I just called back the doctor that will be in Manila 2nd week of April. After I talked with the doctor I book online for our flight, as expected ticket is expensive! But I have no choice, it’s now or never.

So, tomorrow I and Iris is at Manila, to be exact in Laguna actually. We will stay in my friend’s house (as always), what’s next I don’t know; for sure Iris will be check again if still fit to undergo surgery. I just pray Iris will be away from cough and runny nose so that we will be given a pulmo clearance which is very vital before her surgery.

..and of course post will be incomplete without showing Iris photos. #selfie is an ordinary word nowadays and almost everyone is doing it – my daughter  version of selfie. Hahaha. She can’t picture herself perfectly, either it’s only her eyes, her nose, her half face that will be pictured, oh well practice makes perfect. Better luck next time baby.
 Have a nice day everyone!


  1. will pray for your good health pretty iris

  2. Praying here for safe surgery of your beautiful daughter. I love her shot of just one eye!

  3. Prayers, sis, for your daughter's heart surgery. She's in good hands because the doctors at the Phil. Heart Center are very competent. I know because my Nanay underwent quadruple heart bypass in the same hospital 4 years ago.

  4. How is Iris now? I hope she is doing fine and that she will be healed by Jesus. Praying for her successful surgery.

  5. Praying and hoping that your daughter gets well really soon.


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