Thursday, April 3, 2014

She is Beautiful, Isn't it?

Saturday is bonding time for me and my daughter. I would bring her in my office every Saturday and after office we date. We go malling, We go to park. We eat ice cream. Anything.
This particular photo was taken last Saturday March, 29 (2014) in my office, and it is not complete without photo session. lol. And as usual I am just her photographer.
...and her Outfit of the Day #OOTD
Top:             50.00php (from ukay)
leggings:       100.00php (we bought this at factory over run somewhere in South Station)
fashion rubber band: 12.00php (pair)
shoes:          499.75 (we bought this (1k+) at 50% discount last Feb. during midnight sale at SM Bacolod)
shades:        mine sponsored by Firmoo
Cost of her #OOTD 661.75php

So how's my daughter's look? :P


  1. awww...she is one fashionista..a natural's nice to hear that you bond with your daughter and just hang out with her the whole time.

  2. oh, i love your little fashionista! hope all is well, take care...

  3. She's gorgeous Sheng, just like the Mommy!

  4. Iris is so cute and am sure you know it by now, right Mommy? Btw, hope you do not mind if I ask you, is Iris mix? She is really beautiful :-)

  5. Oh, such a little model poser :) So cute! I imagined my daughter when she was young too. She loved to model her new clothes and would pose like a little model. :) I like her cute t-shirt.

  6. She is lovely! A fashion model in the making. :)


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