Monday, April 7, 2014

Visit to Heart Center

So, we visit Phil Heart Center again for Iris check up and at the same time to ask for her Surgery Schedule. I have mention in my previous post that PHC called us that our Phil. Health Z benefit package is approve, which mean anytime soon Iris will undergo heart surgery.

It was a long travel for us to reach Heart Center at Quezon City, we came all the way from San Pedro Laguna. Travel time is almost 2 hours. I am just lucky that Iris has no issue travelling.

When we arrive at PHC we directly visit Pedia-Cardio office (to) Miss Rica and our papers was given to us and instructed to go to OPD for Iris check up. You might wonder why OPD? I'll make another post for it. :) ...and the bad news is, there is no available doctor that day in the OPD cause the doctors has convention and will be back in OPD on Thursday, huh! hows that? I had no choice, I am kinda sad but its okay.

So before we go home we take some photo.
1- that is the Phil. Heart Center.
2- Since we arrive lunch time, we eat at 1475 cafeteria/coop of PHC. Drink you see is actually a cold Pandan Juice. Iris don't like the taste so ako na yung umubos ng 2 glass.
3- I think that is PHC symbol, you can see that when you enter PHC, not th Hospital Building but the main building.
4- We we're in 3rd floor of the Hospital building. In the lobby you can see a tarp (Iris background) that shows all the festivals of the Philippines per month.
5- Kakulitan lang ni Iris.

That's it! Have a nice day everyone!

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