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5 Hidden Hot Costs Of Renovating

There’s never been a better time to renovate your home. Asides from adding to the material value of your property, home renovation provides an enjoyable, ultimately rewarding experience. But be warned, the process of renovating is full of hidden costs that can potentially spiral out of control for the novice interior designer. Before you start brainstorming home renovation ideas read this handy guide and discover the hidden hot costs of renovating. Prepare today so you don’t stress tomorrow.
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Additional Labour

Sometimes you can’t do it all yourself. Additional labour might be required for certain projects and if you’re not careful it can become quite expensive. Be conservative when deciding what projects you can undertake yourself and what projects will require professional help. You don’t want to find out you need a plumber by accidentally hitting a pipe when you’re knocking down a wall! Call the necessary tradesmen to complete an assessment of your home before deciding on who is to undertake each project. If deciding between your local tradesman, and a specialty home renovating tradesman, always opt specialty services tradesmen like Hall and Baum. You can check out their website at: http://www.hallandbaum.com.au/ .


Research is your friend here. When formulating a renovation plan it’s important to be conservative in your estimates. Weather, accidents and additional factors out of your control can significantly increase the amount of time required for individual portions of your project. If you’re a beginner, consider consulting a professional tradesperson, to receive an accurate estimate as to how long individual portions of the project will take. Something as simple making a few calls and weighing your options, can save you time and stress.


Again this boils down to research. The canny home renovator might know exactly what they’re getting themselves into and what materials are required, but if you’re new to interior design you might consider doing a little bit of a study or consulting a professional. This will save you some serious money down the track. Materials can be expensive, and if you don’t pay attention costs can spiral out of control quickly.


Set a realistic budget and only take on what you can realistically do. Once you have setup your budget however, it’s important to make sure you adhere to it. If you don’t stick to you home renovation budget you can end up spending a lot of money that you might not necessarily have, and minimise the chances of making a lucrative return when you’ve finally finished the project.


This is one of the major pitfalls of taking a DIY approach, particularly if you don’t fully understand what you’re getting yourself into. Make sure you pay attention and understand the constraints of each particular element of your job. And if you’re doing a particularly complicated element consider calling in an experienced, professional tradesman. Be conservative and realistic in your planning and you’ll avoid heartache and save yourself time and money in the long term. Has this advice been useful? Are there any other tips and tricks you would consider using when planning your own home renovation? Be sure to leave advice in the comments below.


  1. Will keep these in mind! I am planning to make some minor renovation on our living room area on the last quarter of this year... Thanks for sharing

  2. Your article is absolutely right, those are the kind of home improvement that needs for home owners to save in order to have a nice and good outcome.

  3. It sure would be a pain in the pocket if we went ahead with the renovation without planning it ahead of time because there are hidden costs that can surely overwhelm us. It helps though if we don't have to hire a pro; if we can do it ourselves, it will really be a huge savings!

  4. We have done some renovations and there is always additional cost no matter how much planning and budgeting you do ahead.

  5. Good advice for those DIY guys.. In-depth knowledge of the job at hand is a must para iwas gastos.

  6. Renovating a house or structure really entails big expense, that's why it is good to always be prepared and see things in all perspectives.

  7. It does cost but saves you money than hiring professional if you know what are you doing :-)

  8. thanks for sharing this information...it's is really important to supervise and be hands-on on this kind of project.

  9. Home renovation is not an easy walk in the park. Thanks for pointing out several major things to consider. These are great pointers.

  10. I agree with your list. When I had the kids' room re-painted and did ceiling repairs, it cost me way over my budget even if I did my research. Blame it on the "arawan" work scheme. The workers did their tasks really slow because they are getting paid per day. If I opted for the "pakyaw" scheme, then the work would have been sloppy.


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