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5 Style Tips To Entice People Into Your Restaurant

Excellent food and service is just one factor of many involved in getting people into your restaurant. Believe it or not, simply styling your restaurant properly will allow your establishment to be seen more favourably, and ultimately get more people through the door. Here are five different ways you can jazz up your restaurant to keep the customers rolling in.
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Use Interesting Displays

Displays are the key to any business, and restaurants are no different. These displays can be at work in the window of your restaurant through the medium of posters or even examples of the meals you have to offer. You can also have displays outside your restaurant as well – something as simple as a chalkboard with a funny drawing and a list of that day’s special will be enough to get customers off the street and into seats!

Have a Vibrant Storefront

Nothing attracts people’s attention more than bright colours, especially amongst a sea of beige and black. A storefront that is styled correctly also allows people to gauge the atmosphere of your restaurant without even stepping foot into it. Standing out from the pack will have you miles ahead of any other establishment, so make sure you put your own unique twist on it as well.

Colour Coordination

In addition to having a peppy storefront, you can also work out a colour scheme that works for your restaurant and stick to it. This will create a consistency throughout the restaurant that is pleasing to the eye and will make your patrons feel happy and relaxed while they are dining.


This may seem insignificant, but it truly does make a difference. Consider the demographic of your customers, and go from there. Hard flooring is best for areas with high traffic (it’s easier to clean!), but if you’re looking for a little more class, then carpet will do the trick. Again, make sure that the floor matches your colour scheme, or else it will look a little out of place.


Smell is one of those factors that isn’t really considered in any detail when it comes to styling a store or a restaurant, but it does make a difference. Invest in a fragrance that isn’t too sharp, and make sure it compliments the food you are serving and the atmosphere you are trying to create. You might not smell the difference at first, but it will make for a more inviting environment for both staff and customers.
These are just five little tips on how to change the styling of your restaurant – remember a little does go a long way! If you would like some more in-depth advice, or you would like a professional opinion on your restaurant, specialists in shopfitting like TU Projects can give you some more information about styling your restaurant to your particular needs.
We all go to restaurants, whether it be for a formal or casual occasion, so have you seen something in a restaurant recently that you think would make for a great style tip? Leave a comment below and let everyone know!


  1. Interesting display is definitely one of my favorite to look at when going to a restaurant.

  2. Nice ideas, if I may add. promos will attract more customers.

  3. i love colour coordination and good lighting when it comes to restaurants. those who have really nice and relaxing lights inside the resto feels good

  4. these are some good helpful tips...I've been wanting to won a restaurant...someday soon, that dream will come true....:)

  5. I agree with all of your tips, in addition if i would put myself as a restaurant owner, my no.1 consideration is cleanliness of the utensils, tables, trays, and restrooms all the time. Next would be the speedy or fast service and personality of the waiters and waitress in dealing with customers.

  6. How about lighting? In general, I prefer well-lighted establishments. Romantic, yes but it's hard to eat. :)

  7. I am always fascinated with interesting display!

  8. these are some great tips! I would love to own a restaurant someday.

  9. SMELL, that's is so important to me in choosing where to dine in.

  10. What a beautiful display. I usually check the prizes and of course the food that they served.

  11. All of the things you mentioned will surely entice people to try a restaurant, and if I must add, courteous and friendly staff. That will also encourage people to try their service and come back!


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