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What to Look for When Choosing a Child Care Centre

There is nothing as precious as your own child; that is why it’s vital to choose the best child care centre possible. The best child care centre does not necessarily have to be the newest with all the latest gadgets, but it should be filled with care and be a hygienic place for your little one to eat, sleep, play and learn.

Where there is kids, there is germs

Children love to spread and share their germs. Try as you may to encourage them to keep their hands to themselves, children of all ages (but particularly young children), have a tendency to dribble, put all sorts of items in their mouths before sharing them with friends and use each other’s eating and drinking equipment.

Don’t ever underestimate the speed at which colds, gastro and all manner of other bugs are passed around between children. Before you know it, germs can spread right through a child care centre and you will find it necessary to keep your child home for a couple of days or more.

In child care centres, perhaps more than any other place, cleanliness and good hygiene is critically important. This is something you should look for when scoping your child care options. Owners and managers of quality child care centres engage professional cleaners to keep their centres clean, hygienic and as well presented as possible. A number of professional cleaning companies, such as AMC Brisbane , specialise in child care centre cleaning and their services are well worth the investment.
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A centre to suit your needs

When looking for a child care centre, it’s vital to consider each in terms of its fit with your needs. Firstly, you need to ensure that a centre can accommodate the days that you require and that its location is ideal. Think carefully about whether you would prefer a centre closer to home or to work and its proximity to public transport if you will need to commute in this way.

You will also need to confirm that the centre’s opening hours suit your needs and that the daily rate charged is within your budget.

Are the children happy and engaged?

Without doubt, one of the most important considerations in choosing a child care centre is that the atmosphere is happy and relaxed. Children should be engaged in play and you will quickly feel that a centre is a good one if you and your child are made to feel welcome.

In a good centre, staff members will be genuinely interested in your child and make an effort to find out what they enjoy.


While children (and so many of them in the one place) will almost certainly make a mess, there should be a sense that the centre is organised. In particular, reception areas should be clean and tidy and the rooms of the various groups of children should also be well organised.

A safe and secure place:

Good child care centres are safe and secure. Parents and visitors should be required to sign in and the staff of the centre should be easy to identify, by the wearing of uniforms and/or name badges.

Procedures should be in place for the documentation of any accidents and you should be told how you will be informed if your child has accident or becomes unwell.

A sun protection policy should be in place and enforced and children should wear hats and sunscreen when they are outside.


Communication is vital when you entrust your precious child to the care of a child care centre. As well as being given a copy of relevant operating policies and procedures, there should be clear lines of communication so that you are kept informed of how your child is doing and any concerns are shared.

Feedback about your child’s progress and their day in general is critically important. You will want to know about the activities they prefer, how well they are eating and other children that they have befriended.

Choosing a child care centre is an important decision and it pays to take the time to consider all aspects of the centre and determine that it is the right place for your child and your needs.


  1. We only put our children to a daycare once and it was because we had to attend the Navy Ball. It was just few hours but the whole time, I was thinking about my ki=ds. I don't feel comfortable leaving my kids to other people.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I would be looking for one soon. My daughter just needs to improve her social skills. I want to be able to find a clean and trust-worthy institution. Would also be nice if I can have access to live cameras while she's there.

  3. Good tips here, but the problem is. a perfect child care center comes with a price.. Mahal eh.

  4. Very sound tips here. Parents should also find a childcare centre with child-loving and compassionate staff.

  5. Child care is very expensive and you have to make sure that the place is safe enough for your kids to play at the same time learn :-)

  6. I agree with everything you wrote here, especially the cleanliness and safety of child care centers. We should choose wisely for our children's sake.

  7. I was once placed in a day care centre so I know how helpful it is to have this centre for parents who are at work and would want the services of the centre for temporary custody of their children.


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