Friday, July 25, 2014

B is for Blue Uniform

Yay! Doing my post before ABC Wednesday closes this week linkys.

Its so obvious whats my entry for this week "B". A lot of Blue! Iris blue checkered uniform. Blue drawer/cabinet in her background. Blue number poster at her back. And who would not mesmerize by her big round eyes? and her bouncy curly hair? Most of the time that is the first thing that people would appreciate about her. Iris is so bubbly too and love to babble, kids are like that I guess. Not to mention many would say she is beautiful (one proud mom here :P), and yeah, as a mom she is the most beautiful baby in my eyes :).

Anyway, this is Iris 4th day of school (in photos) and so far she is very excited each day. She has 2 hour classes from Monday to Friday, 1pm-3pm. But when she wakes up in the morning she would tell me that she will go to school and I would tell her that her class is in the afternoon. On her second day in school, I visited her  (my sister is the one who bring her to school and fetch her after, cause I am working mom) and I observe that she is at ease of her new environment. One of my fear when she will go to school is that she will cry and would not allow her Aunt to leave her in her classroom. But, I was wrong! She is not afraid to be left with people she just met. I haven't observe any anxiety or uneasiness while the class is ongoing. Good job baby! The next day she even told us that she will go to school alone, LOL, because she knows how to get there. Her school is actually less than 150meters away from our home and we just walk going there. That's why she is confident to say that to us. :) As her mom, I can say that she is independent compare to some kids, she is also easy to talk to, like if she want something and I can't afford to buy that stuff, I will just explain to her and she will not insist (oh well, I must admit that sometimes she also has tantrums). I am really grateful to GOD that Iris is my baby, she is easy to deal with, loving and sweet.

Thank you LORD for my baby Iris. She's a blessing to my life. Greatest blessing in my life.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A for Apuhin

Just in time for ABC Wednesday Round 15 kick off, hopefully I'll be able to join till letter Z. If you want to join this meme journey just click on the link below.

My entry for letter "A" is Apuhin. That is our family name. Today, I also enroll (late enroll actually) my daughter Iris. At first, I intend to send her to school next school year because she undergo open heart surgery last May 2014. And I thought she needs more time to recuperate but as I can see it, she's back to her normal hyper self so I decided to let her school. I am grateful because the Day Care Center near our home accepted her. Iris is also excited of the idea that she will go to school. I just talk with the teacher of Iris do's and dont's. Today is her 1st day of school too! Photos shows her requirements and the form I need to filled up. Good luck to my school girl.

My entry to ABC Wednesday. Have a nice day!