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Best Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercises are a must for most of the would-be-moms during the pregnancy months. According to senior gynecologists, the would-be-mom should follow a minimum 30 minutes work-out regime at least 4-5 days of the week. Exercises at this stage help to keep both the mom & fetus healthy – preventing problems like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. Workout prepares the body for a smooth childbirth, by improving muscle strength & endurance. One can visit to here to find helpful advice on pregnant women and baby care. The post below discusses the best exercise options for the expecting mommas.

It’s one of the best and easiest of exercises for the pregnant mommies. You must walk minimum 30 minutes a day when you are expecting. Walking assures great cardiovascular movement that keeps the lady fit sans jarring ankles and knees. The best bit about walking is that, you won’t need any kid of equipment here & you can carry it any time. Just make sure to slip into good walking shoes.

Most of the doctors advise for swimming and it’s often tagged as the best workout when one is expecting. It’s because swimming involves working on both the big muscle groups like legs & arms; great cardiovascular benefits & a weightless light feel even when you have put on extra pounds for pregnancy.

Yes, light dancing is allowed during pregnancy as it keeps both the mind and body fresh. But don’t opt for twirls, jumps or leaps. You can enjoy the moves at the comfort of your own home or else can take to a dance class as well.

Stretching is really wonderful when one is pregnant. It keeps the body limber, relaxed & also prevents chances of muscle strain. Stretching should be added to your cardiovascular exercises such as walking or swimming or dancing for a comprehensive workout session.

Yoga is another great exercise when you are at the expecting stage. The yoga moves help to maintain the muscle tone & keep the body flexible. Besides, yoga also calms the mind which is equally important when you are pregnant as much as a fit body. But then again, sole yoga moves won’t suffice. It’s better if you can accompany them with swimming or walking. Besides, always make sure to consult a yoga expert before selecting the moves as not all yoga moves would befit a pregnant woman.

A number of things you should remember when it comes to exercise during pregnancy:
  • ·         Always make sure to consult your doctor before embarking on the exercise routine.
  • ·         Avoid contact sports of any kind like volleyball, basketball, football etc. while you are pregnant.
  • ·         Do not follow any exercise that can create even light abdominal trauma such as rapid direction changes or jarring motions.
  • ·         Do not follow any exercise where you would need to lie on the back for over 3 minutes.
  • ·         Never take to waist twists while standing.
  • ·         Do not go for full sit-ups, deep-knee bends, straight-leg toe-touch & double-leg raises.
  • ·         Never exercise in humid, hot weather.


  1. I'm on my 5th month of pregnancy and my workout regime is Yoga, I find it best suited for me as it is relaxing and keeps my muscles toned and firm.

  2. Very well said, indeed true, during pregnancy it's best to be more active and have to at least do the recommended exercise in order to stay healthy

  3. These are very helpful tips for pregnant Mommy. These will help them to have an easy and healthy pregnancy and labor.

  4. The only exercise I did during my pregnancies is walking. Thanks for the sound tips.

  5. I never performed any of these exercises when I was pregnant with my son, but I was very careful with everything: what I eat, what I put on my body, what I smell, etc.And I also made sure I was taking vitamins for pregnant women.

  6. Thanks for the tips! I think you missed one, sis, it's doing kegel exercises. :D I think it strengthens the pelvic floor and makes it easier for it to heal. :D

  7. Indeed! Especially, my blood sugar is high when I was still pregnant with my first baby and so my OB recommended to get plenty of exercise. I hated it but I've got no choice because it's for my baby anyways so I often went swimming every morning.

    Anyway, I want to add some info especially for those working moms. Check this out:


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