Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hashtag Travel

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I have mention in my previous post that one of the things that I want to give focus this year is TRAVEL. Before, when I heard the word travel, what comes to mind is, I need to go far places like outside my country or at least outside my region and need long hour of travel by sea or by plane. Yeah, I know kinda stupid of thinking. LOL.

Now, my definition of travel is at least 1 hour of ride by plane or by sea or by land. As long as you go from one place to another place. But this is how the dictionary define travel:

  1.  to go from one place to another as by car, train, plane or ship.
  2. move or go from one place or point to another.

So who inspire me to travel? well, aside from the sayings of Dalai Lama "once a year, go some place you've never been before". First, my big influence is my good friend J...she's been a lot of places here in the Philippines, I find it cool and yeah, i'm kind of jealous actually why she is able to travel though we're both don't have much money in our pocket, haha. Second, my daughter Iris. I want her to grow up appreciating people and places. I know you will learn a lot by travelling especially on dealing people. Also, when you traveled nature places, you learn to appreciate them and taking care of them. Seeing different kind of people also teach us compassion especially seeing less fortunate. That's what I want to impart Iris. Third, this is my catching up moment with Iris, being a single mom I tend to work long hours like 12-14 hrs a day. So travelling with her is also our bonding moment.

I plan to travel new places at least once a month. Don't have to be expensive or need long travelling or need to be on high end resort or travel destination. Traveling even in our local tourist destination is fine with me as long as I am with Iris. I enjoy it, Iris enjoy it. We enjoy it. Knowing my daughter, we just need a place with a pool, a falls, a river and or a sea is fine with her. Her definition of travelling for now is SWIMMING.

So our hashtag travel will be #IJSLagaw2016. Lagaw means travel. IJS is Iris Joehanna Apuhin. So that's it!

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